We no longer trim Marijuana. We are an exclusive industrial hemp trimming service!!

About Us



Hello my name is Samson Seidel and I am the founder of Trim City USA. I have a long history of fabrication and operation of machinery on all levels. I was a Captain and Operator for Local 3 Operating Engineers where I worked on many huge projects for the state. Worked on thre largest Derek barge (CRANE) on the west coast. The DB General was responsible for the majority of all the piling and footing installations on the New Bay Bridge. I was also the engineer on the worlds largest marine excavator Drege Antone. We dredged the Oakland Ca inner and outer harbors to allow the larger ships to vist our ports raising Nor cal trade in a monster way!



 Today I have been retired from the rat race for 17 years on a severe disabilty know as kidney failure. Although the struggle has nearly killed me a few dozen times I feel the education I recieved along the way made me stronger. I have been designing and building machinery for fun while I have been down. For fun I thought I would fix a major problem that I have been noticing among growers. The original dry trimmers gave a really bad name to the machines with a 24% trim waste compared to my 11-14%. Well folks! My machines are far superior to anything you put it up against! It is so gentle that bb sized buds will roll around in the drum all day if you let em. My designs are protected under law and boast features never seen before in the industry!



Huge things coming up for TRIM CITY USA and every marijuana grower that works with us. We are expanding to every legal state in America and we are also invited to begin work in southern Canada. 

Not only have I designed super crazy gentle trimming machines mounted in trucks rocking up to 1000 lbs an hour. I designed a monster version I call Edward. I am looking into the rights to use Edward scissor hands to promote it as we speak!` This monster can trim up to 76,800 pounds in 24hrs. This will be ideal for the HEMP farmers. We all know the value of Hemp in america especially with the NOBACCO movement sweeping America. Next year we will also unveil our new harvester that is a processing work of art. I have new designs that will revolutionise marijuana trimming. Stay in touch and sign up for our email updates on all of our new and exciting technologies coming to light in 2019!! 

The Beginning

This is the first trimmer I ever made just to see if I could. This was about 4-5 yrs ago.  She turned out incredible. I was just winging it because I work from visions. I thought everything on the market was below parr and 5 years later I proved it! 

Along The Journey

Here is one of our earlier models.