We no longer trim Marijuana. We are an exclusive industrial hemp trimming service!!

Our Finished Product



This is a nice example of how nice and dense flowers turn out. The trimmers do not round out your buds so there are contour leaves and the inevitable crows foot shows up here and there. 



Recently I had the opportunity to put my machines up against a room full of trimmers currently on the market. I am very please to say that we kicked EVERY MACHINES ASS!  ININn a side by side comparison we killed them all!. Running all the same material we did a test proving the gentle nature of my configuration and service. We proved TRIM city to TRIM at an average of 6-8% TRIM waste where the others were all in tue 22+ range! Incredible!

Our Patented Design

This machine will run up to 8 lbs every 15-20 minutes and saves all the little stuff down to the size of a BB. Thanks to you know who for letting me run your stuff in my machine to show it off.  

The cutter system is current in all the new machines.